Ethiopia is situated in East Africa.İt is a very beautiful country and it is very rich with its natural resources.The country is in under construction and this makes the market suitable for the DM MOBILE CRUSHERS COMPANY . We are always present in the Ethiopian market and we usually promote our machines in Ethiopia. We have a dealer office situated in ADDİS ABABA city center. Ethiopia has many quarries from the north to the south and from east to the west .We visited and promoted our machine to more than 78 construction companies in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian quarries crushes basalt. The 90% of the Ethiopian Market is Basalt . As it is known basalt is a very hard material. When we arrived to Ethiopia our first aim was to know the physical and chemical analyses of the basalt in Ethiopia.After the analyses our engineers decided the most suitable machines for the Ethiopian Market is Turbo 600 , 900 and 950 which this three machines have different capacities per hour . We travelled from the south to the north and promoted our machine in Ethiopia.The DM COMPANY had a conference in the city center of ADDIS ABABA IN KALEB HOTEL which most of the construction , cement companies attended.The Minister of Mining of Ethiopia was also present in the conference .

The DM MOBILE CRUSHERS AND SCREENING COMPANY was appreciated in Ethiopia and we sold our first mobile crusher which is Turbo 950 to Nekamp City . The Turbo series of DM CRUSHERS AND SCREENING COMPANY has a jaw crusher in the primary and an impact crusher in the secondary .This crushes the basalt easily and works with a high capacity and it consumes less energy compared to any other plant . It has a compact structure which made it suitable for the customer’s demand.We are known in Ethiopia and our companies best promotion is its references . Any company which can be interested in crushing and screening plant in Ethiopia can contact us easily and like always we will give our costumers in Ethiopia as a reference to you .