DM Max Screen offer a compact and high-capacity screening that can screen various materials for users.DM Max Screen is mainly suitable for soil screening, sand screening, mine screening. By eliminating the materials to be screened in construction sites or workplaces, users save on transportation costs.
It is on a single platform and can be transported by many vehicles such as trucks, pick-ups, tractors and all-terrain vehicles.
It allows the operator to move the screening plant from site to site, increasing productivity and profit with the fastest installation time.
Ease of Use
No experienced operator is required to operate the machine. It is very simple to use and designed to reduce operating costs and increase profits.
One of the biggest advantages of our mobile screen is that it can work with electricity.
It is operated with a generator in the absence of electric network.
The biggest advantage of our product is that it works with one-third energy consumption compared to others.
Thanks to the material quality and design used , it provides a long service life, low maintenance costs and a trouble-free operating.

Compact design
Thanks to their compact design, DM Max screening plants can be operated in areas where classical plants cannot be installed.
In classical screening plants, many elements are required to operate the plant. In classical mobile screening systems and the new generation of mini screening systems, only 1 operator is sufficient for operation, material feeding and loading.
Screen Mesh
Special screen mesh, clogging is minimized.

Technical Data
There is a conveyor belt with a width of 800 mm which increases the screened materials to a height of 2600 mm. In this way, the truck can be load easily.
Our mobile screen is not produced with the classic materials used in cheap screens, it is produced from high-grade steel . The surfaces of all screening systems are sandblasted and then treated with a powder paint. Bucket width to be used for feeding maximum 2500 mm
Feeding Height 2550 mm
Screen is two decks. Maximum 3 types of products can be taken.
Screen size: 1830 mm x 1520 mm
The screen can be installed in various combinations between 1-50 mm.
Conveyor Belt Length: 6300 mm
Conveyor Belt Width: 800 mm
Stock height: 2600 mm
Pulling hook adjustment can be made easily thanks to the jack.
10-ply trailer tires and detachable fenders.
Conveyor belt tire is “endless” type and vulcanized for long life
Overall length: 8600 mm
Overall width: 2250 mm
Total height: 2650 mm (Demountable type and can be minimized 1750 mm.)
Towing weight: 935 kg
Capacity is 20 – 80 tons / hour depending on product sizes and humidity to be screened
Control system with remote control Radio Control System can control all functions.
Panel and Control System
The panel materials are Siemens branded.
The panel system has a remote control system that operates with radio control frequency.
The panel system is specially insulated against dust and water.
Optional Generator Engine Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
Fuel Type: Diesel
Power: 8 kVA
Fuel Tank: 100 LT
Optional middle deck conveyor belt system 400 x 4900 mm
This tape system can also be used as a single unit by combining the materials of the over-screen and middle .
Optional on-screen stock conveyor
800 x 7200 mm
This conveyor is used especially if you want to produce 3 types of products.
Electric starting system is standard.
Fully enclosed, lockable engine compartment and starter panel.