Model Max. Feeding Size  Capacity (t/h)    Final Size mm ( Adjustment Type )  Motor Power (kW)
 DM 607  2 deck – 3 product  60 – 150 t/h  Adjustment Type  21 Kw

Mobile Screening Plants DM 607

DM 607 – Mobile Screening Plant New Technology The entire system of the DM 607 Mobile Screening System is assembled on a single platform and can be transported with a truck. Designed to be installed within an hour .Can do the work alone of  the classical plants. We are currently the most preferred machines in the world and Turkey market.

Existing machines and equipment in the system;

* Bunker feeding hopper
It is a bunker system with a volume of 5 m3 and the upper part of this bunker system is Grizzly grate. It prevents large items from entering the hopper. It runs smoothly and with minimal maintenance requirements.
Thanks to the hydraulic system, heavy materials are poured out by lifting the lower pistons.
The additional hopper is optional and additional hopper can be purchased if trucking is desired.

* Feeder System
Feeding Size: 750 mm
There is also a manual adjustment mechanism in the feed system. Thanks to this mechanism, the feed density can be adjusted.

* Main Conveyor Belt System
It is 800 mm wide and is of palette type.
Drive drums are rubber coated and threaded.
The gear units are 3 transducer type “K” and the new generation is a system with torque connection.
Side scraper system is available to prevent outflow.
By means of the sputter collecting system, material drop is provided around the groove.

* Vibrating Screen System High Capacity
Screen Size: 1250 X 3000 mm
Motor Power :  11 kw
Number Of Decks : 2 Decks
Special type suitable for vibration.

* Under-Sieve Stock Conveyor  Belt System
It is 700 mm wide and foldable type. Drive drums are rubber coated and threaded. The gear units are 3 transmission type and the new generation is with torque connection system. A side scraper system is available to prevent spillage of the final product into the stock area during casting. Material collection around the groove is achieved thanks to the collecting system. All three stock conveyors are folding type and have a large under-sieve stock area. A total of 3 products can be obtained from the mobile screen system. Hydraulic system is used in the system to ensure ease of operation. The mobile screening system is fixed thanks to the hydraulic system and feet.
* Stock Conveyor  Belt System
There are two 600 mm wide folding type. Drive drums are rubber coated and threaded. The gear units are 3 transmission type and the new generation is with torque connection system. A side scraper system is available to prevent spillage of the final product into the stock area during screening.

* Mobile Chassis System
It is equipped with 2 axle, air-operated brake system and signaling system. Special heavy duty construction chassis. Hydraulic system has 4 hydraulic foot mechanisms. These feet are strengthened by the fixed feet after they are locked. Hydraulic Power System thanks to 105 liter, all pistons are controlled by special control system.

* Panel and Control System
The material is Siemens branded. The panel system has a remote control system that operates with radio control frequency. In addition, the panel system is specially insulated against dust and water.

* All functions can be controlled with Remote Control (Radio Control System).
– The dust suspension control system prevents dusting by spraying the high pressure water nozzle to press the dust on the main conveyor. – Electric Motors IE2 is a highly efficient type. – Conveyor belt systems are suitable for long use with 10 mm thickness with EP 125 and EP 160 cortex. – Bearings are SKF or equivalent. Total Engine Power: 21 kw Final Product Size: In Desired Sizes The capacity is variable according to the material feed and final product. Dimensions to be broken and It is 60 – 130  tonnes per hour capacity.

 Additional Standard Features in the System
– Dust Suspension Control System

Optional Features 
– Additional hopper for truck feeding (Optional)
– The Generator System is optional and is powered by diesel engines from Cummins, Perkins, Doosan, Deutz and Marelli or Stanford alternators. (Optional)
– Opening and closing feature of stock conveyor with hydraulic piston (Optional)

** Weight: 15 tons

All of our products are CE certified.

Why New Generation of mobile Crushing and Screening Plants?
One of the main advantage of DM mobile crushing and screening plants are that they produce three different sizes of aggregates for Cement Plant and Asphalte Plants. At the first stage, there is a by-pass system in order to throw out the earth and materials not needed for crushing. Thanks to the By-pass system the material mean to be crushed can be seperated from the earth or can be directed to the crushers by a knob mechanically. Stationary crushing and screening plants are manufactured by a combination of several units , which is a waste of time and labour force. Our New Generation of mobile crushing and screning plants are assembled in a single platform. It can be installed and be ready in a brief period of time. The compact design enables the installation in small areas. İt can be easily transported and transfered to the another place . While the classical crushing plants use 2 to 3 crushers for reducing target final sizes, the DM crusher has the latest technology where the three system is available in only one crusher, means in one body and on one chassis as well. These crushers have the capability to refine strong blocks into fifty ratio dimensions among our models DM 7,9,10,15,20,25. DM mobile systems can be powered by both electric network and gen sets depending to the demand of the customer. The production cost per tonne is 50 % lower than classical plants.The new generation DM Mobile Crushing and Screening plants, compared to classical plants, consume 50%-60 % lower energy. The New Generation of mobile crushing Plants has a much durable life time compared to the fixed plants. İt is manufactured with system that enable them to adapt to the environmental conditions. About dust and noise insulation, The New Generation of Mobile Crushing and Screening plants are environmentally friendly plant.